Marina Brenere is a luxury fashion brand based in Manchester. We offer limited edition hand-crafted clothing and accessories from natural materials,  sourced in Europe.  All our pieces are made in UK.

The founder Marina Brenere has worked in various sectors of luxury market, including lingerie (Bordelle), menswear (Hardy Amies on Savile Row), knitwear (Cabinet by Tomoko Yamanaka) and high-end residential construction (Uniq Management Services). These experiences have given an insight into high-level of quality, craftsmanship and the intricate detailing, that Marina is incorporating into her brand.

This brand is created in a unique collaboration with neuroscientists, in order to provide a strong scientific base behind our motto – “Wearing Confidence”.

Wearing our pieces you can be confident in:

  • Ethical production and fair-trade – we source with care and only in Europe, and we do our best to support local businesses.
  • Sustainability – we look at all possible ways to reduce waste and produce high quality timeless clothes that last, thus opposing fast fashion. 
  • Comfort – our pieces are natural, soft and do not restrict movements. Created for active modern people, they inspire healthy lifestyle and self-confidence.